The History of ICRA

1965-1966 Host: Texas Hermetics
Vaughan A. Bradley, Jr. **
Annual Convention: Houston
1967 Host: Dallas Hermetics
Clarence Jones
Annual Convention: Dallas
1968-1969 Host: Hermetic Machines
R.A. “Scotty” Ireland
Annual Conventions: Atlanta, New Orleans
1970-1971 Host: Bradleys, Inc., Independent Elect.
Stanley Woita **
Annual Conventions: Corpus Christi, Kansas City
1972 Host: Dependable Refrg.
Dwight Bollefer
Annual Convention: Los Angeles
Coy Kamm **
Annual Convention: Puerto Rico
1974 Host: Motors & Compressors?
Sidney deLeon **
Annual Convention: Orlando
1975 Host: Whelan Engrg
Paul Hernandez
Annual Convention: San Francisco
1976 Host: Raymond Services
Warren Spanutius **
Annual Convention: Charlotte
1977 Host: Houston Hermetics
Charles Lackey **
Annual Convention: Houston
1978-1979 Host: Hermetics, Inc
Bruce Rosenaur
Annual Conventions: Puerto Vallarta, Philadelphia
Fred Schroeder **
Annual Convention: Detroit
1981-1982 Host: M.E.C of New Hampshire, Dependable Refr
Otis Keating
Annual Conventions: Boston, Los Angeles
1983 Host: Bradleys Hemetics Iinc.
Leslie Dobbings **
Annual Convention: San Antonio
1984 Host: Motors & compressors
Harry Yarrow **
Annual Convention: Orlando
Gerald Kamm
Annual Convention: Fort Worth
1986 Host: Ring Electric
Drew Garda
Annual Convention: Memphis
1987-1988 Host: Whelan Engineering, City Compressor
Vaughan A. Bradley, Jr. **
Annual Conventions: San Francisco, Miami
1989-1990 Host: Brainerd Compressor, Texair Co.
Richard Staiano
Annual Convention: Nashville, McAllen
1991-1992 Host: Dallas Hermetics, Orrbilt
Gary Kauffman
Annual Convention: Dallas, Atlanta
1993-1994 Host: CPR, Motors & Compressor
Larry Barton
Annual Convention: Las Vegas, Orlando
1995-1996 Host: Premium Compressor, Orr Refrigeration
A.D. “Sonny” Cappabianco
Annual Convention: Phoenix, Atlanta
1997-1998 Host: Quality Compressors, Bradleys Hermetics, Inc.
Dwayne “Rusty” Moreland
Annual Conventions: Long Beach, Corpus Christi
1999-2000 Host: National Compressor, Grdius & Treag
Richard Staiano
Annual Conventions: New York City, Paris & Lyon France
2001-2002 Host: Bradleys Hermeitcs, CMP
Bob Goss
Annual Conventions: San Antonio, Oklahoma City
2003-2004 Host: Whelan Engineering, ASAP Compressors
Art Smith
Annual Conventions: Oakland, Baltimore
2005-2006 Host: Quality Compressor /Midwest, Dallas Hermetics
Mike Groves
Annual Conventions: Oahu, HI , Dallas
2007-2008 Host: Comparts Intl., Arctic Compressors
Bob Harwood
Annual Conventions: London, Montreal
2009-2011 Host: SCP, CMP
James Pollock
Annual Conventions: Charleston, Oklahoma City, Houston
2012-2014 Host: Midwest / Quality Compressor, URI Compressor, Brainerd Compressor
Bruce Reich
Annual Conventions: Hawaii, Washington DC, Memphis
2015-2016 Host: A1, National Compressor
Gary Morisak
Annual Conventions: Atlanta, Savannah
2017 Host: Midwest Compressors
Horace Park
Annual Convention: Cleveland
2018 Host: All Seals
Bob Harwood
Annual Convention: Long Beach, CA
Justin Morisak
Annual Convention: Charlotte
Bruce Reich
Annual Convention: Hilton Head

** Deceased